Life Update Part 1: Quitting Genki

Genki mascots (Ping & Pong)
Drawn by Fei Huang / Edited by me

Realizing that I haven’t updated this place in like two months, I figured it was about time I did, but since so much has happened over the course of the last 60 days, I’ve had to split things up a bit.

One of the biggest occurrences is that I’ve quit the Genki organizer group and stepped down from my position in the Genkai voluntary association.

The main reason for leaving was that I was greatly dissatisfied with having to spend what little free time I had to pick up the slack of a certain someone through the past 12-18 months, and getting promise after promise that were never honoured.

Genki was meant to be a hobby, not a full-time job, but having to pick up the slack often meant sacrificing study time, sleep, not to mention my social life. I had originally planned on holding out until the end of the year for the general assembly, but recent events made me just go “fuck it all,” so I left.

After quitting, the changes in my life have been immense, to say the least. I’ve been hanging out a lot more with friends and with my girlfriend, I’ve had time to actually study for classes(!), and I’ve been sleeping regularly and been putting on weight because of it. I estimated that in the average week, I’ve gained an additional 10-12 hours, formerly spent on Genki work :D

In all honesty, a few days after I had quit, and actually realized how much extra time I now had and opportunities to hang out with friends I hadn’t had time for in almost two years, I actually cried a little from happiness.

So while a few people have said that Genki is probably gonna crash or die or something horrible, without me running interference and picking up the lose ends (which is a bit over the top, but sweet of them to think I’m that important to the event), I currently have no plans of ever returning c:

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