Hecko becomes translator for CosMag.dk

A week or so before leaving for Serbia, I officially became the on-call translator for the free Danish online magazine, CosMag.dk (magazine issues can be downloaded here, just scroll down a bit). The concept of my ‘job’ is pretty simple; whenever a interview is made in English (due to the person interviewed being of foreign decent), it is sent to me, I translate it into Danish, and the Danish version then gets “printed” with the magazine issue. Thus far, there has only been one such interview, but I am in no rush.

However, this entire thing took me back to my younger days (when I was 18-ish), when I did a bit of fan-subbing. Rest assured, these were all soft-subs and they were only a hobby of mine. I subbed in both Danish and English; Danish for the Danish-speaking audience, and English for the slightly hearing impaired (the things I subbed had English audio).

The most famous of my fan-subs was the English one for Howl’s Moving Castle, which is probably also the only that hasn’t fallen into obscurity. I don’t have a number on how many times it has been downloaded, however, I do know that it is in the thousands and that it has been uploaded to an array of subtitle databases since I released it way back when. It is even being used as a based for translations in other languages, such as Thai, so I guess I did something right XD

I later went on to translate entire websites, such http://www.allsubs.org, into Danish, so lack of qualifications is not something I have XD But anywho, I hope my stay as on-call translator for CosMag will be pleasant, and feel free to read the Magazine if you understand Danish :P If you don’t speak Danish, but you do speak English, you can still read the parts called “Focus”, which can be found here. Just click the download links in the sections that say “Engelsk”.

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