First Batch of Elephants

It was nice to get a bit away from work and talk a walk. I even got to hang out with Nashayla, when she got off from work, since it was pretty close by. We went to eat at Sunset, so that was kind of new to me. Apparently, they people there don’t know what a panini is, which is a bit ironic, since they sell them.

Anywho, important lessons were learned: 1) wear sun screen; 2) the map is NOT trustworthy. Now for the elephants:


by Henrik Stenberg
Mosha the World at your Feet
by Jane Veveris Callan
Human within Elephant
by Kamol Tamseewan
Blue Mermaid
by Ittikorn Chai-ngam
by Joël Bigaignon
Elephant Meeting Place
by Hans Kuijs
Mujhe Jaldi Mara
by Kristian von Hornsleth
by Jeppe Eisner
Doot 4
by Marco Evaristti
by Erika Severin


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