The Elephant Parade

"Blue" by Cornelius Corneille.
Was sold a few days ago and won't be displayed.

Starting today, Copenhagen is having an elephant parade! It’s not a parade of real elephants though, but rather a cultural event and fund raiser to prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant. To read more about the event, click here.

Anywho, from today to August 25th, 102 painted fiber glass elephants (formerly 103, but one got sold only days before the event and thus won’t be displayed) will be set up around the city of Copenhagen.

My idea is to go out into town every 2-3 days and take pictures of 10 elephants, that I’ll then display here on M Dash. This is to prevent me from going crazy sitting at home working non-stop and also to give me a chance to bug Nashayla at her new job, where they sell miniature porcelain versions of the elephants ;P

In addition to photos of the elephants, I’ll be uploading a map to show the progress of my ‘adventure’. I hope to get a picture of all of them, except maybe five – as they are placed in areas where you have to pay for entry – by the end of this month.

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