Long Live Online Translations

You gotta love them online translations, translating most things word for word, unless it recognizes a situation that requires specific grammar… And it usually only has one definition per word, meaning that homonymes are out of the question… If you’re ever bored, like I often am, go to an online translator such as e.g. Babelfish, write something in a language you understand, translated it to a foreign language, and then back again. If you do this 2-3 times, you end up with some really crazy shit. Below is an example I made (please note that I was free-writing and really… REALLY bored…).

My name is John Stewart and I am 57 years old. I live in my house with my wife, Martha, and our two sons, Peter and Griffin. When our boys are out of the house, Martha and I like to dress up like chickens and have wild anal sex like two dogs in heat. Indeed, I call her my bitch.

私の名前はジョンステュワートであり、私は57歳である。 私は私の妻が付いている私の家に、マーサおよび私達の2匹の息子、ピーターおよびグリフィン住んでいる。 私達の男の子が家からあるとき、マーサおよび私はように鶏服を着るのを好み、熱で2匹の犬のような野生のアナルセックスを有する。 実際に、私は彼女を私の雌犬と電話する。

My name is [jiyonsuteyuwato], I am 57 years old. I have lived in my house where my wife has been attached, the son, Peter and the griffin of [masa] and our 2. When our boys is from a house, [masa] and I the way like the fact that it wears the chicken clothes, possess the anal sex of the wildness like 2 dogs at heat. Actually, I telephone her my female dog.

私の名前は[jiyonsuteyuwato]、私である57歳ある。 私は私の妻を添付した私の家、息子、ピーターおよびグリフィンの[masa]および私達の2.に住んでいた。 私達の男の子が家、[masa]およびIから熱で2匹の犬のような無謀さのアナルセックスを所有しなさいことを、鶏の衣服を身に着けているという事実のような方法ある時。 実際には、私は彼女の私のメス犬に電話をかける。

As for my name [jiyonsuteyuwato], there are 57 years old which are I. I my house which attaches my wife, [masa] of the son, Peter and the griffin and had lived in our 2. Our boys the house, [masa] and rash from I like 2 dogs at heat when being the method like the fact that own the anal sex thing, you learn clothing of the chicken. Actually, as for me the telephone is used on her my female dog.

私の名前[jiyonsuteyuwato]のため、I.の57歳である。 I息子の私の妻を、[masa]、ピーターおよびグリフィン付け、私達の2.に住んでいた私の家。 私達の男の子家、[masa]および私はからの発疹熱で方法でアナルセックスの事、所有するために鶏の衣類を学びなさいという事実を好むとき2匹の犬を好む。 実際には、私に関しては電話は彼女の私のメス犬で使用される。

My name [because of jiyonsuteyuwato], they are 57 years old of I. My house which [masa], Peter and the griffin attaches my wife of I son, has lived in our 2. Our boy houses, [masa] and I when liking the fact that in the empty tick typhus with method thing of anal sex, learn the clothing of the chicken in order to own, like 2 dogs. Actually, as for the telephone it is used with her my female dog in regard to me.

Do you see the crazy shit it turned out to be in the end? It should be noted that it works better with long sentences and with languages with big contrasts in grammar. If you use slang, all hell breaks loose! O.o

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