Onigiri with the Ladies

Today, Trini, Nashayla, Sarina, and I decided to be more awesome than usual and make a bunch of onigiri as a snack for both today and for tomorrow, when the annual Hanami festival in Copenhagen is being held. I’ve been wanting to try onigiri for ages, so I had totally been looking forward to this.

I decided to make mine with noritama furikake, which is dried seaweed (nori) and eggs (tamago) that is sprinkled on top (furikake; dried food sprinkled on top of something) of the onigiri, rather than stuffed in the middle. Being who I am, however, I couldn’t resist trying to make some gummi bear furikake and sprinkling that on another one XD

Considering how long I had wanted to try onigiri, I was a bit disappointed by the taste. I’m pretty sure it has less to do with onigiri being bad than it does with the fact that I’m a complete fucktard when it comes to making food, so I screwed it up.

My first onigiri was too thick and I forgot to add the salt, so there was a huge contrast between the salty noritama furikake on the outside and the completely plain rice on the inside.

Because I got kinda nauseous from my failed first attempt, and also because I’m kind of a chicken shit at times, I made a minigiri (they’re not actually called “minigiri”, I just think it’s catchier than “small onigiri”) to go with the gummi bear furikake. As if the slice’n’diced gummi bears could feel they didn’t belong on rice, they wouldn’t stick to the minigiri at all…

When I finally succeeded, I was completely freaked out to find that it was actually crazy tasty! I had only done it because the idea of gummi bear sushi had been stuck in my head for so many years that I just had to try it out, so I didn’t expect it at all! I’m pretty sure it would only work with a minigiri though.

So all in all, I’m deffo gonna try onigiri again some time, just not for a little while. I still have half a kilo of rice though, which I forgot at Nashayla’s, but all good. Come to think of it, I forgot my noritama furikake there too ;>.>

Oh, as an added awesomeness, Nashayla made my favourite sponge cake again, and we all pitched in to help out :D It turned out better than last time, but I forgot to bring some pieces home with me, because I’m a fucking idiot… TOMORROW, I’LL DEVOUR THE CAEK OF OM NOM NOM!!!

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