Assorted Asian Candy and Snacks

This post has been a long time in the making since I didn’t have time to write it, and because I only just recently made my BlueTooth work again, so I could transfer photos. Anywho, about a month ago now, two of my buddies, Heavy and Andrew (the owners of BananaCosplay), came back from China. With them, they brought a bunch of snacks and sweets, just for meeeee~ ♥

Candy from Heavy and Andrew

Candy from Heavy and Andrew

From the top left (and where they’re from); click to skip to the section:

Not pictured, because I only got a taste of it from Andrew, were some dried squid snacks from either Hong Kong or Korea. They were really good, but also kinda spicy. A bit too much for me, but they weren’t bad at all.

Beer Pretz – Edamame Flavour

First to avoid possible confusion among readers; Beer Pretz does not taste like beer nor is it made with beer, rather, it is a snack that goes well with beer. Salty edamame has a long tradition of being served alongside beer as a snack; think of it like the Japanese version of salty peanuts served at bars.

Anywho, it’s no secret that I absolutely love Pretz from Glico; it is the perfect mix of a pretzel and a buttered bread stick and I’ve loved them ever since my first taste last year

Not too fond of edamame though, I wasn’t really to pleased with the aftertaste, but I found that if you just keep eating one after the other, you don’t taste the edamame until finishing the very last one. Until then, all you taste is a salty pretzel/buttered bread stick mix, which is absolutely delicious!

Fried Rice Crackers – Chicken flavour

The chicken flavoured fried rice crackers from Want Want are actually really good, but unfortunately also pretty of spicy. It’s not a lot, but as we all know, I’m a whiny little bitch when it comes to spicy stuff. If not for that, I can totally see myself eating a bag or so every two or three days, cause apart from the spiciness, they’re totally om nom nom worthy.

The chicken flavour is pretty subtle, so you’d eat it mostly for the taste of the spice, which isn’t an immediate burn, but more the kind that slowly creeps up on you and then BOOM!! The spice dissappears after a pretty short time, 15-20 seconds, but that might only be because I’m too chickenshit to eat more than one.

Being a rice cracker, I though it would be a nice low-calorie snack that also girls dieting to enjoy, but after reading the nutritional info, I noticed that 100 grams of Want Want’s chicken flavoured Fried Rice Crackers actually contain more calories than 100 grams of a Snickers bar, so…

Coconut Candy

I’ve had the hardest time putting my finger on the oddly familiar flavour, and just now, it hit me, thanks to my girlfriend baking my favourite sponge cake last week; it tastes EXACTLY like the cake’s topping! ♥

It’s a hard candy, rather than a chewy one, and, in a nutshell, is to coconuts what Werther’s Original is to caramel. They’re really good though, but taste more of a kind of creamy, processed (like, caramelized or something) coconut than it does fresh coconut; this is however to be expected. I highly recommend these for people, who like Werther’s, as something with a bit of an alternative flavour.

Assorted “mix-your-own” candy

While I couldn’t read who made it, the Japanese fresh cream sweet, Namakuriimu (生クリーム; top left pink one), from the line(?), Country of Milk, was a very… odd… sweet. With a texture of chewy toffee and a distinct taste of lukewarm milk, it’s somewhat like eating an oversized bugger. It totally grossed me out.

Next came the Japanese Goma Sofuto (ごま ソフト; under the pink one), literally meaning Sesame Soft, by an unknown brand. The seeds themselves are not soft; the soft part is what they’re sprinkled on, which I haven’t been able to identify. Because of it’s consistency and slight honey flavour, I thought it was processed bee wax or maybe even paraffin wax, though my mom seems to disagree. But having grown up with sesame and honey in cooking, I’m quite fond of this treat, though I believe it’s very much an acquired taste, so I don’t expect others to like it much.

The next two were peanut log treats from Nature is Best (upper right blue and red) of the People’s Republic of China. Avid readers will know that I’ve actually reviewed these kind of treats before, when I received some Chinese candy from Yuan-chan. I must say though, that the consistency of these ones were FAR better. The ones I got from Yuan-chan were dry and brittle, and disintegrated into dust when you bit into them, while these were more chewy. On the other hand, these ones tasted nothing like they were supposed to; the cocoa one (red) tasted like peanut butter while the sesame one (blue) tasted like sunflower seeds. I like peanut butter and sunflower seeds, but since they weren’t supposed to taste that way, I don’t think I should say it’s a good thing.

First in the bottom row (white on the far left) is a cashew nougat candy from Hong Kong. Couldn’t read the name of maker, so you’ll have to do without. While I like nougat in chocolate, I don’t really like it as a stand alone sweet, though this wasn’t too bad. The mix of sugar and honey gave it a slight banana-like flavour and the texture was a bit firm at first, but otherwise chewy. The cashews kinda ruined it for me though. If you like eating banana with grated nuts, I can recommend this as a snack that you can carry around with you and then eat after lunch at work or something.

Second (yellow in the middle) is Super Lemon. There was no country or company name written it, so I don’t know who made it. What I can tell you though, is that this hard candy lives up to its name; it’s craaaaaaazy sour. I can’t explain how sour it was, except that my face looked very much like Homer Simpson’s in the episode where they go to the candy convention and he eats the Super Sour Ball. Seriously, it was insane. Even now, just thinking about it, my face is tensing up. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, unless you want to prank your friends.

Last, but by far the best, is the 100 Fruit Juice Mango Gummy (bottom right, orange) from the People’s Republic of China. It uses real mango fruit juice and is really yummy gummy ;P It’s not as ‘hard’ as the gummy candy I’m used to eating, e.g. Haribo’s Gummi Bears, which really emphasises the juiciness. However, because it contains sorbitol, it’s not a candy I’d eating too much of, since it might trouble your stomach.

Pachipachi Panic – Cola Flavour

Pachipachi Panic was like a blast from the past; not so much that I have eaten Pachipachi Panic before, but because it’s a fizz candy, which I haven’t had in years. I think most people know fizz candy by the names of Moon Dust candy or Space Rock candy or something similar. In addition to the cola flavoured fizz candy, it also had candy that were essentially powdered sugar compressed into a small pill-like shape; essentially like the ramune candy I reviewed some time ago.

My problem with this was mostly that while the two candies may work well separately, they don’t go well together. The fizz candy is something you ‘suckle’ on (or just let dissolve) rather than chew, while the sugar candy is something you chew rather than suckle on. So the taste wasn’t bad, but it’s not really something I’d buy again

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