Four Months with Nashayla ♥

OHOHOHOHOOOOO~, today is my four month anniversary with Nashayla! ♥ (SHUT UP, TRINI!!! FOUR MONTHS!!! >.<)
Oh, you poor fool,” you may think, “only four months, and you’re celebrating it, tsk tsk tsk /in relationship for years” BUT BUT BUT four months is pretty much what some of our friends thought would be the limit for us, as I’d otherwise die or something (looking at you, Kurikku…).

Anywho, I had originally wanted to celebrate this in Sweden by going on a double-date with Heavy-licious and Trini-rino, which you mushy readers may remember from our Valentine’s Day double-date. Unfortunately, Heavy had to work today, so we went to Sweden yesterday instead.

So today, to celebrate, I took her to the Zoo, since she said she hadn’t gone since she was like 4-5 years old and was pretty excited by the idea of going sometime. We were originally supposed to also have a kick-ass English breakfast, but we woke up kinda late and weren’t really feeling up for it, so we skipped it ^^’

The Zoo trip was awesometastic, and I even bought an awesome wallet shaped like a penguin, since I needed an extra wallet to keep my foreign money in (mainly Swedish Kronor and Euros), since I don’t feel like lugging it around on a daily basis. Nashayla spotted it with her eagle eyes, and I was all like HOMG!! and bought it. It’s pictured somewhere on the top right (points in general direction).

We’re technically still celebrating; we just made and ate lasagne and she’s currently making me a surprise cake of some kind. I thought it would be my favourite sponge cake, but seeing that she’s using some kind of sprinkles, it must be something else. We’re gonna eat it while watching the movie of my choice (How to Train Your Dragon) and just have a yummy time ♥

I hope the rest of you have had as awesome a day as I. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIJIDONO, YOU IS TEH KEWL!! :D

EDIT: HA!! I KNEW IT!! It WAS my favourite sponge cake she made, the sprinkles were just a diversion!! Well played… /squint

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