Hitler Hears Genki 2011 Moves to Roskilde

For 2011, Genki has moved to Roskilde in order to house the increased of guests number of guests, as it would be uncomfortable, not to mention illegal (fire safety), to try and fit them all in Valby Kulturhus.

A lot of people from the city of Copenhagen, however, have complained about this move, stating that Roskilde is simply too far away and whatnot, despite the increase in travel time being a mere 10 minutes.

While they are entitled to think so, I still believe it is a whiny response, considering that people from Funen or Jutland (not to mention the Ferry Islands!!) travel for hours in stride to get to Copenhagen, yet some (not all!) people from Copenhagen are in outrage from the 10 minute increase of sitting down and being driven. Thus, I felt the pressing urge to parody the reaction.

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