Snowy Serbia

So, I’m currently in Serbia with pretty much no Internet connection. It’s been snowing non-stop since I got here, and we’ve reached 50-100 centimetres in some places. The picture on the right is of my house in Draginac.

It’s pretty nice, if not for tomorrow being the Day of the Dead, which means we have to burrow through the snow for 2-3 kilometres to reach the family grave and light candles. But all good, tradition trumps wet pants ;P

Anywho, as most of you have probably guessed, being in Serbia means I have little to do, other than work on Comic Party translations and scanlate. This means that once I return to Denmark, I’ll be releasing some new chapters of Grappler Baki, so look forward to that c:

That’s all for now! Hope to be back in DK soon, and that the snow doesn’t mean cancelled flights! D:

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