Grappler Baki Chapter 6

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Releasing the 6th chapter of Grappler Baki / Baki the Grappler entitled “Last Rush!!“. Thanks to Magrana for supplying the raws.

Hoooooly crap, next chapter released four months after the previous one. I are ashamed… OTL Anywho, I iz back from Serbia, and like I mentioned when the blog was revived for the millionth time, I’ve decided to stop at OrionWave to make time for Grappler Baki releases, among other things.

I’m not gonna promise anything like biweekly releases, which I considered, and subsequently failed at, some time ago, but I will try to keep a steadier pace. Weekly is completely out of the picture, since I’m rather intent on spending weekends with my lovely girlfriend, not to mention I have other work to do as well (among those, stuff that pays the rent).

Anywho, this chapter’s credit page drawing was drawn by Kekkika ( from the US.

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