KodachiCon 2011

Last weekend was the weekend for KodachiCon 2011! I went there with Kurikku, JFS, and Zeneth, who are all part of Genki; JFS had a special invite because he was responsible for the karaoke room, while I was invited to be a cosplay judge since there were issues with my payment.


Anywho, we get there bright and early to set up and I start by blowing most of my Swedish money on Japanese candy, which is dirt cheap in Sweden (between half and a third of the price in Denmark). With Kurikku, I also signed up for two contests, and joined a few other things along the way as well.

Mr. Game and Watch; photo by Ali Jehad

Mr. Game and Watch
photo by Ali Jehad

They started off with their traditional anime piñata smashing, which this year was in the shape of Totoro from Tonari no Totoro, and was as usual made by the talented Catarina Batista.

Later in the day was the cosplay competition, which I helped judge; something Kurikku found pretty amusing… =.=; Some of the sketches were pretty good; there was even a dude dressed up as Mr. Game & Watch and a girl dressed up as FFX Yuna doing most of the dance from the Sending.

For the rest of the day, I meanly played Tekken 6 and made new acquaintances. It was funny, because people would come over, and if they saw I wasn’t holding a controller, they’d ask “YOU LOST!? O.O” lulz. When I went on stage during the closing ceremony the day after, some even yelled Mokujin at me XD

The evening was spent playing the story/card game Once Upon A Time… with a bunch of peoplez after which I went to Heavy’s place to spend the night.


Sunday was a bit more ‘hectic’ since there were a lot more events, but ironically, a lot less to write about. We participated in This One Goes to Eleven, which was a super fun quiz themed event, and ended up winning. Later came a make-shift Tekken 6 tourney, which I ended up winning. Like last year, the finals were against Kurikku. Lastly came Jeopardy, where all three teams completely bombed the Final Jeopardy question and we came up last XD

At 18:00 was the ending ceremony were the prizes were also awarded. I got two medals and Kurikku made me go on stage wearing a way to big Genki hoodie ;P After that, we went home and I got to chillax a bit.


It was a ‘cozy’ convention, but the list of events was a bit thin compared to last year, so people were mainly there in order to socialize. They only had one cinema which was always full, and a smaller game room, the latter of which I’m guessing that it was in part because of the decision by Terebi Ge-mu (who have been responsible for game rooms in previous years) to quadruple their fee from 6,000 SKK to around 25,000 SKK. However, though the game room was smaller, it was still pretty good, and they still had several good tournaments, so it was money well saved.

The contests were good, and we are definitely using some of the events for Genki this year, though we need to think of a better buzz-in system for the Jeopardy game, since it really becomes more of a “buzz when you think the question is about to end” than knowing the right answer. Well… knowing the right answer helps, but you know…

So lots of fun; I just hope there are a bit more events next time.

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