Candy from Kodachi

So, when I went to Kodachi last April, I decided to blow my money on a bunch of Japanese candy I had never tried before, so I could review them. Here’s first a pic of all the stuff I bought, as per usual.

Candy bought at Kodachicon 2011

From top left, the things are:

Not pictured on the ‘group shot’, because I put them in a different pocket and forgot about them, are the Pocky with cream and lychee flakes (also from Glyco).

Koara no Maachi – Strawberry & Milk flavour

Very enjoyable. The strawberry and milk filling was light and creamy, with a sweet aftertaste. The biscuit outer layer was also pretty yummie, despite a heavy burnt taste from the koala imprints on the front. It wasn’t overpowering, but still pretty annoying, since the flavour of the filling was somewhat subtle.

This is actually a pretty good snack when you’re sitting in front of your computer, but not something I’d bring with me, since it’s not exactly something that’ll fit in your pocket.

Koara no Maachi – Chocolate flavour

The chocolate version of Koala’s March was actually okay, considering I don’t really like chocolate. It was a bit too dark for my taste, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to chocolates, so I don’t imagine other people having any kinds of issues with this. The chocolate, however, nicely covered the slightly burnt taste of the koala imprint, so I don’t really know which one I’d prefer.


short, Milky is everything that Namakuriimu aspired to be, but failed miserably at. It’s sweet, chewy, and milky, which is pretty much everything it promises.

It tastes pretty good and all the little balls inside the pack are individually wrapped, so it’s technically ‘resealable’ and thus good for a quick munch when you feel low on sugar, without having to finish off the entire box at once.

Pocky – Milk flavour

Not that great actually. After having tasted this alongside the strawberry flavoured one, I can totally see why school children in Japan choose to drink strawberry milk, as opposed to regular milk. Though to be fair, it could also be because the people at Kodachi sold me a pack that expired two years ago! D8<

Choko Booru – Cookie & Cream flavour

These choco balls were supposed to taste like cookies and cream, more specifically cream ice. They don’t. They taste like a day-old cheese you forgot to put back in the fridge. But they’re oddly addictive… I suspect they’re laced with crack cocaine or something.

That aside, I love the packaging. Small enough to put in your pocket and re-closable. The part you open and dispense that choco balls is the beak of the bird mascot, which is a bit less charming though, since it seems like it’s regurgitating the choco balls for you. And having said choco balls so many times, I have to link to this:

Pocky – Strawberry flavour

Absolutely yummy! It tastes a lot like the Koala’s March candy, but with out the burnt taste, since there obviously isn’t any sort of mark on the biscuit part. The strawberry flavour is once again only very subtle, but more noticeable, as there’s no burnt taste to overwhelm it.

The only bad thing is that these Pocky taste so good, you’ll keep eating them until you start a bit feeling nauseous, which actually doesn’t take a whole lot (after half a pack, slight nausea sets in).

Pocky – Lychee Flakes in Cream

As per usual with candies with a slightly unusual flavour, the first one tastes crazy weird. After that, you adjust and can actually taste the lychee fruits in there. It wasn’t bad, but I’m just no fan of lychee, especially the actual fruit (Nashayla totally loves them though).

That being said, I find them a lot better than real lychee fruits, and not just because of the cracker; the dried lychee flakes > the wet, squishy bastard child of an olive and a pickled peach (i.e. fresh lychee).

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