September Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what has being going on of important stuff in the month of September (this is directed at all you people who haven’t been keeping a close tab on us XD). Some stuff link to other articles, some do not.

Kaiki broke up with me for reasons of her own that she didn’t bother too much with telling me :/ Sucks, but what’re you gonna do? Life moves on and so did we :P Hell, I got the pink, plush-die key chain that I had been eyeing ever since I carried her bag for the first time (it was attached to the strap) out of it, so it wasn’t all bad XD And while I still would like us to be friends, as I still like her as a person, she doesn’t seem too interested in keeping in touch at the moment, so I guess she just lost interest in me or somethin’ :/ Oh well, that’s how things turn out some times, I guess XD Anywho, please disregard the last section of the linked post as I was still pretty love-struck at the time of writing, and it goes against my principles to just remove something from a post because of a change of heart some time later (which is why it’s still there) :/

•I watched and wrote a rant about the anime, Paprika. This will probably be the last anime review for a while, since I don’t have time to watch a new anime series/movie and write a full review for every other weekend, because I’m too busy thinking out ways to not do homework XD No seriously, school work is become too much for me, and even when I try hard, there’s just too friggin’ much to read for each week O_O And it’s sooooo boring ;_;

•Madhatter has been head-hunted by the Sciento-lol-ogists, lost his Internet connection, and is being evicted because the apartment he lived in has been sold, so you’ll please excuse that he has been just a taaaad too busy to post anything on here. Last I heard though, he got a new e-mail address, found a place to stay, and now has Interwebs again, so you might see something from him this month XD

•I actually went back to playing tennis and even went as far as to play in a mock tournament not even two weeks after I started. It was fun as hell, but I was sore as a mazhafakah the next day O_o Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to play as often as I had liked, but it’s hard to get motivated without having an opponent! *pout*

•Ehm… What else? Err… I was elected as webmaster for the Asian Study Programme’s homepage during the Student Council elections. I have yet to actually DO anything, and the idea may be scrapped in the next few weeks as most stuff is handled on either the ASP News site, Sitescape, or Facebook.

•I got chosen to participate in group discussion about Next-Gen consoles, though I must admit, it was pretty uneventful. Put hey, I got payed, so I ain’t complaining XD

And that’s pretty much everything that happened in the month of September on M Dash XD And now for a bit of sad news. My health has been in sharp decline and despite taking meds, supplements, and exercising more, my body and mind are kinda dying on me XD Because of this, I’m leaving for Serbia where I will spend some time with family and friends, and then I’m off to weeks of examinations, treatments, and the physical therapy programme from Hell! O.o

While there, I’m also finally gonna go get checked for cancer, a check-up I have postponed for a year-and-a-half now, which in retrospect probably wasn’t one of the better ideas I’ve ever had XD But no need to worry, I’m 99.9% sure that I don’t have cancer, and if I do, it’s probably benign seeing that I’m not dead yet XD But yeah, I’m gonna go get that done, just so that it is confirmed.

Aaaanywho, bottom line is that while I’m in Serbia, I won’t have any Internet, so I won’t be able to update anything on the blog until I get back. In other words, this is my last post for a while, and until I come back I leave updating and posting to Madhatter XD I should be back around the 23rd of October, I think… so if you don’t hear from me by then, it means I’m dead… o.O well that, or I’m just not back yet XD And for all of you who didn’t like all the mortality jokes, get a life!! >:3 (buddum tsssssh! XD).

Anywho, bai baiz all, wish me luck or something XD Lubz and pats to you all <3 And no worries, I'll be fine, I swearz!! And I'm a man of my word, I never break a promise!! That I remember, at least XD

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