Teh Gurlfriend

Being Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to choose today to introduce my new love ;P

As some of you may recall from yesterday’s post, this is my first serious relationship since KAIKI. I had been very opposed the entire relationship concept after she and I broke up; not so much because I felt sad about the break-up, but because we stopped talking for so long (we just started again a few months ago), which was heartbreaking to me, since I considered her one of my closest female friends at the time.

So because I was unwilling to jeopardize another friendship, I’ve kept away from entering into relationships, until I was damn sure I loved the other person to insane amounts. And since I’m in a relationship now, I guess you can all figure out how I feel about her :D

She’s wacky, funny, beautiful, and the biggest nerd I know, and I’m head over heels about her ♥ If I try to put into words how lovely she is, all I come up with is SJFNXK;GXFZFMLejo. She makes me so happy, I just want to hug the world and everyone in it~ ^-^

Just to add to my apparent gheynes from being so mushy mushy, here’s a picture of us together when we went on a double-date with Heavy and Trinirino; note me actually having dressed up for the occasion for once :D

We went to Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant, where we exchanged gifts; I gave her a lion plushie, since she loves lions and a card saying mushy stuff on it. She gave me a Naruto night cap, since my ears get cold at night, so I was like, “yay~ ♥” And then, DUN DUN DUN, a super duper mushy note that almost made me tear up in the restaurant from how sweet and lovely it was ;3;

We all had a smashing time and are so totally gonna go on a double-date together again, JAN JAN JAAAAAAAN!! *A*

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