So, What’s New?

Well, a lot has happened in the period the blog has been out of service. The biggest event has probably been that I’m now in a steady relationship again, for the first time since KAIKI; but more about this in a later post :D Apart from that, I have been crazy busy with the second issue of Comic Party and with Genki.

Comic Party

Comic Party has unfortunately not gone as well as hoped, in terms of sales, and for that reason, I might be getting canned as a translator (not enough money to pay me, so the editor would rather do it himself then).

Should that happen, I’ve decided to also resign as a typesetter, since with the amount of paid work I do, not to mention all the pro bono work (meticulously double-checking the typesetting, translations, spelling, even the Japanese translation at times, etc.), it just doesn’t pay off, as my would-be hourly wage is actually pathetically low; almost a third of minimum wage.

The only reason this is legal is because I get commission pay, and I just grind my teeth and do it because I want to help out my buddy, because I support the project, and because I really need money at the moment. However, if the outlook is €250 before taxes for 40-60 hours of work, I’d rather find a job as a tutor (which I have already been offered), earning well over six times the amount per hour, or even as a cleaning lady, earning 3-4 times the amount, and then having more than double the free time to spend on other things.


Genki is progressing smoothly; I’ve been having crazy amounts of meetings with the tax offices, sponsorship foundations, etc. and we’re getting places in some aspects. We have the contracts and accountancies in order, and several events ready to go with more being planned, so I hope we will do well.

I’m just worried that we might be stalemating a bit since it’s only February, which might make some people just sit back and go “plenty of time, I’ll do it a bit later,” instead of getting it done and then not having to worry about it later ;>.>

On the plus side though, even though it’s this early, we’ve already sold 14 tickets, which is pretty awesome!! :D

OrionWave and Grappler Baki

As some of you may recall, I decided to resign from OrionWave because I quite simply didn’t have time for it, and wasn’t able to meet deadlines with my steadily increasing workload.

On the plus side, this means I’m finally going back to releasing Grappler Baki, which I have postponed for months, so yay~! I’m hoping to get a chapter released by the end of the week, I just need to get ‘back in the groove’.

That was all the updates I had for now; hope to see you back again soon!!

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