It’s been a long and tough month, but I’m finally back, and boy do I have news for you guys! M Dash was unfortunately ‘shut down’, when the dude I pay for server space forgot to pay his hosting bill, and then suddenly decided to disappear off the face of the earth.

I asked Kurikku to pass along some messages for me, so I could pay for the hosting myself, and then move everything to my own host provider that I had just recently acquired. However, for more than a month, nothing happened, so I decided to go “screw it” and asked for the dude’s personal info, so I could talk to him myself. After being ignored for a a few days, I went to his place at like 6 in the morning, just to be sure he was home, and lo and behold, only a few hours later, M Dash is back! :D

I have much more to tell, but no time right now to do it. Some of you might not like that, and be annoyed be annoyed with the blog having been down for so long, but guess what:


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