C.M.B. Chapter 4

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Orionwave release of chapter 4 of C.M.B. by Katou Motohiro, entitled “The Cursed Mask“.


This part was somewhat delayed because there was a lot to QC and change, but I had very little free time to do it in.


Another delayed part, but this time because confusion. I wasn’t originally supposed to QC it, but the person who was suddenly went AWOL and hadn’t been heard from, so I took over while also doing Q.E.D. We decided to do a joint release with part 4c.


Only skimmed this, as it was QCed by argentscarf. This release also marks my resignation from OrionWave, since I don’t have enough time to juggle two part-time jobs, studies, and Genki, not to mention my own releases, which have been postponed by months. They’re a nice bunch and currently short on staff, so if any of you have time to help them out, please go here and write a comment. You’ll also be able to meet me there, since I still hang around the chat from time to time, doing the occasional RAW check, if they have problems.

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