J-Popcon 2010 – Day 2

Saturday is considered the ‘biggest’ day of the convention, since it’s the only full day of events and also because many of the larger events are held on Saturday for that very reason, due to their long duration.

One of the major events for the game room was the Danish Championship in Super Street Fighter IV. I myself didn’t participate, mainly because I had other stuff to do, but also because of the contradicting information on whether or not it was a buy-in tournament or a free one, and also because they didn’t supply spare PS3 arcade sticks in case people, like myself, only owned a stick for an Xbox 360, which also meant being at a MAJOR disadvantage from the get-go. I asked why they didn’t supply back-up sticks, but never got a straight answer, so I just gave up and left.

Not long after, Aucry called me to say he had arrived and we decided to do a sweep to test out security, while waiting for the Maid Café to open. Bluntly speaking, security was pathetic. Now don’t get me wrong, the security people hired to keep an eye out for trouble, especially during night hours, were GREAT! So kudos for getting them. Many (though not all) of the gophers, however, didn’t seem to be familiar with the rules of the conventions or the full extent of their responsibilities, cause they never enforced the rules, not even those stated by Danish law, such as people not blocking fire exits, not harassing others, etc.

If people just didn’t care, because there were no real consequences like getting their rights revoked and getting kicked out (since J-Popcon was lacking staff), or if they genuinely needed eye surgery because they didn’t see anything, I don’t know. Whatever the case, it was fucked up. No one bothered to ask to see my armband, which I had hidden, nor ask if I was a VIP, since I hadn’t put on my badge and no one knew me personally, so pretty much anyone could just walk in for free.

Aaaaanywho, with nothing really fun to do, we decided to get in line to the maid/butler café, which was open for like 3 hours only. It was pretty cool, as the entire staff was dressed in maid and butler outfits, and the place had been decorated drawings of famous maids and butlers from anime, including a chibi drawing I did of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. By the time we got in, most of the cakes had unfortunately been sold out, so we settled for some rum ball dango (essentially three mini-rum balls on a skewer) and drinks.

After they had closed, I had to return to collect some money, since because the treasurer for J-Popkai was being saifhabnkdjbfaæhf, Nashayla (the maid café organizer) had to borrow money from Genkai to have cash for the register. She couldn’t use her own money, as she had already invested +6,000 DKK in the maid café, that had yet to be refunded, and she was thus flat broke. So that was a bit of a lulz factor for all us Genki organizers; the only reason J-Popcon had a functioning maid café was thanks to Genkai coming to the rescue. But it’s all good, not their fault their treasurer is a bit FFFFFFFFFFFFFF, they can just elect a new one next time.

By the time I was done, the cosplay show was just about to start (thanks to the almost traditional delay). Killl had saved me a seat, so while I don’t usually like cosplay shows, I decided to give it a go. If nothing else, it could inspire ideas for when Genki was to be held. A thing I liked was that they took the delay and made fun of it, but the joke was overused and the “yes, we have another delay, which is a must, since we’re J-popcon” (para-phrase, but she actually said this) went from being funny to just being sad and giving a lot of new comers a bad idea of the J-Popcon image.

I unfortunately had to leave during the break, since I had a dinner date with the always lovely Nijidono from Funen, whom I hadn’t seen for months. During dinner, we talked about what was good and bad about J-Popcon, both of us concluding that the artists had been severely fucked over. Then, somehow, conversation shifted to physics and the refraction of light. Dunno how it happened, but that’s why I love hanging out with her; random science discussions and trivia. Upon our return, I heard that my two friends had won the Danish WCS qualifications, so I was like “…FUCK YEAH!! \o/

The rest of the evening was pretty much spent hanging out with various friends. We were sitting in the vicinity of the giant hall, so we also got to hear the two back-to-back music concerts by Sounthesia (who had contacted Genki, but then never got back to us) and PRESS PLAY ON TAPE. Both had relatively large crowds, but the entire electro music doodlio is not really my thing, though many others seemed to enjoy at least the latter concert. This was also when I was introduced to the party game “Once Upon of Time…“, which was just brilliant.

I had looked forward to seeing what would go on at J-Popcon After Dark, since I missed it the first night, but due to internal conflict, the event had simply been cancelled. Leave it to Afflaf to save the day (or well… night) by going “fuck that” and organizing several games of Mafia. After another hour or so, me and Heavy decided to call it a night and catch the last train home, while Randi and Afflaf decided to stay.

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