IMPORTANT NOTICE!! M-27 shutting down?!

I’ll keep this short and to the point. About a week ago, we lost most of our stuff because of a mistake I made. Time has passed, and it seems that our last chance of restoring everything, Arvid, is either too busy or just unable to help. They guy has a life on his own to manage, so it’s not like we can force him drop everything to get the missing info for us.

Sad as this may be, we are therefore left with two options:

  1. We can manually restore all the former posts that we have backups of, which is roughly all the stuff Hecko wrote. That includes, but is not limited to, all the animoo rants (see here), all the pages on the trip to Nabari, some Kanji comics, and some random stuff, and then whatever Madhatter backed up himself. After that, we can try and improve M Dash even more.
  2. We can kill off the site and use our time on something else entirely.

We figured we would leave it to our readers (assuming there are any…) to decide if they even want this site to go on, since it wouldn’t have a purpose without readers. So please write a comment about whether or not you want the site to stay and ask your friends to do the same (you do not need to log in to write a comment). We will leave this notice up until July 12. If by then, we do not have at least 10 comments voting for option 1 (or by some miracle, Arvid finds the time to get the needed info), M-27 will be shut down.

That will be all, bai baiz ^_^

EDIT: M Dash has been “revived”, see here for why this is and to read about the new plans for M dash.

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