Q.E.D. Chapter 17

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Orionwave release of part 1 of chapter 17 of Q.E.D. by Katou Motohiro. The chapter is entitled “The Rules of the Game“.


You just lost the game, LULZ!! Okay, no. *ahem* OrionWave is finally back, after like a month and a half of vacation time due to people having exams or working. In my case, the latter (Comic Party). Now that the first issue is done, I can gradually prepare for the second issue, so I won’t be completely overworked again, and while doing so, I’ll finally have time to get back to scanlating Grappler Baki and work on the OrionWave projects, so yay~


I didn’t really do much on this, since I was pretty swamped with C.M.B. chapter 4. So much for doing Grappler Baki D:


QC of Doom… OTL
Discovered some specific errors in 17b thanks to some flashbacks in this part, where the ambiguous phrasing played a crucial part in understanding most of what was going on in 17c. Unfortunately, these had not been translated as such, so we ended up having to do a revised version of 17b as well OTL

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