100 Facts Meme

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Hecko X

Just another guy on the Intarwebs; writing posts, being awesome. Apart from blogging here, I'm a freelance English-Danish translator and typesetter, having done work for several websites and magazines (e.g. CosMag and Comic Party). For more info, read my profile in the about section.


  1. Commented on your devart posting instead. So thought I should post something here as well to remind you that I read your blog.

  2. I love the colour purple too! Ma favourite <3

  3. hi there, accidentally i bump into bartender manga.. normally i just read the mangas without knowing who is doing the translation but i guess i just want to congratulate since i think becoz of ur translation i keep on reading it and apparently it has a good story.. bravo :)

  4. @liz: Oh wow, thanks! I only ever translated chapter 24 though; the regular translator is a dude called cityshrimp c:

  5. Hey, Hecko, it’s me, TheCrossEvader from DeviantArt. i REALLY CAN’T GO TO MY DEVIANTART ACCOUNT anymore to give you the scanlation artwork. Can I send it to you in any other place?

  6. @TheCrossEvader: Upload it anywhere and link to it in a comment.

  7. while reading that I actually thought you were a bit like a girl xD btw I didn’t know you had a blog Ô0o

  8. @Hitode: Then… how did you get here..? ;>.>

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