Hi-Ho Comic Party, Away!

Phew, it’s been long since I’ve written a post here 8D
I’ve been crazy busy with Comic Party, which has now finally been sent to the printers! WUUUUUUUW!! O(≧∇≦)O
And just to explain the pic on the right, while the graphics guy (Usk), my boss, and I were working at the office, my boss said that we should figure out a way to create “buzz” for the comic. Not having slept for 30-ish ours at the time, I was like huuur dur durrr, and made that XD

The past week has been a bumpy ride though! A lot of the RAWs and especially the cleans came in really late, some even less than 24 hours before the comic had to be sent to print, so stress levels were FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!! One of the one-shots never even got here, since the mangaka unfortunately never got back to us! D8

We were fortunately saved by the one-shot Presm by KAIKI (some of you regular readers may still remember her), which is also featured in -English- in the anthology Six, and the manga series Lost Heaven by Hiroko Kairi, who I totally adore right now (♥♥) for being so awesome and sending us stuff even though the contract hadn’t been signed yet (LH wasn’t supposed to launch until issue 2, I think) and we asked like 4-5 days before the deadline ;>.>

But those two, along with Digger by Ursula Vernon, quickly became my favourites in the first issue of Comic Party, because of awesome stories and awesome art, especially Digger!! *A* CRAZY inking skills and the main character is a wombat. A WOMBAT!!! ♥♥♥ Lost Heaven also turned out to be way more interesting than I had thought it would be~

Anywho, things were crazy and lack of sleep was abundant! Usk had to go to EXPO in London and had uploaded a .zip folder for the other graphics person to take over, but the file was corrupted and all the work lost!! LA>JFAIDFH_KSDBGN!!! Needless to say, we missed the deadline ;3;

This turned out to be a good thing though, since due to sleep deprivation, I had made some embaaaaaaaarrassing rookie typesetting mistakes, which I will live down, and we found a few spelling errors that had crept through QC, again because we were all crazy tired… In the end, 73 pages were redone, a page for each hour I had been awake OTL

Everything was finished by Sunday, and those of us who had time went to a sushi buffet to celebrate the first issue being done! When I came home, I celebrated once again by sleeping for like 14-15 hours. So… good… TT^TT I then woke up, early afternoon, logged on to Skype, only to have Usk call me going “yeah, the printing place called, some stuff messed up, so we aren’t done yet.” FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!!!!

All is well now though… I hope… and issue one will be hitting the stands around mid-November. The issue can also be bought during the Danish animanga convention, J-Popcon 2010, so for all of you Danish-speaking readers, please go buy it or pre-order it on the website by clicking here and filling out the form (there’s a pre-order goodie-bag!) 8D

Finally, one last testament to my extreme sleep deprivation; while the boss, Usk, and I were working at the office, one of the things I did was typeset Lost Heaven. Usk then started talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and my mind just snapped from being tired and produced this:

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