KodachiKun 2010

I died, hence no updates until my ghost figured out how to press keys on the keyboard, lololololol 8D Ok, no. I’d love to say that I’ve simply been swamped with translation work and meetings for Genki, which I have, but truth be told, the only reason I haven’t posted is because I was too lazy to get off my ass and pick up my BlueTooth extension from my pencil case that was just far enough out of reach that I had to actually put my legs off my desk, get out of the chair, and actually take two steps. AND THEN BEND DOWN ALSO, I MEAN, WTF!? D8< BUT I'M HERE NOW, SO RET'S GO!!
About a fortnight ago, I went to SWEDENLAND with a group of friends to attend KodachiKun 2010, a one-day convention by our (Genki’s) lovely Swedish partners, Mangakai Lund. It was, in a nutshell, KodachiCon in a scaled down version, which is pretty cool for a social get-together and have some anime fun. That was also the main reason I went as well, to see all my rovery Swedish friends again; YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! ♥♥♥ ;3;

Before going, I had promised myself that I’d do more than just hang around the game room and whoop people’s asses in Tekken 6 with my Mokujin of EPIC AWESOME, but alas, that’s all I did :c To be fair, I think Kurikku and Cezar each won a match against me, SO KUDOS!! >.<)b An audience starting gathering every time I was playing, so it was kind of embarrassing, but it made me a bit happy nonetheless~ ^////^ But I might just be thinking too much of myself, they probably gathered with other people too, BUT STILL!! XD
Regardless, I had a lot of fun. The most awesome part was probably when Alvoha (friend of mine who travelled with us), and I swear this is true, made me feel like Mighty Mouse. I was finishing up in the make-shift Tekken Tourney (won 1st place and 70 Swedish Kroner) when he comes up and says:
[Alvoha]:We need your help… The Swedes are slaughtering us in Jeopardy, so we’re tagging you in for me.
*Dramatic rise from chair*
[me]:VERY WELL!! >:3
*Queue Mighty Mouse theme on the left*

We (me, Kurikku, and jfs) ended up winning on group effort, lulz, so all good. We each got a different Lucky☆Star figurine and a key-chain from an Anime I didn’t recognize. We kept the figurines, but gave the key-chains to Alvoha for being a good sport. After the closing ceremony was over, we headed towards the station, but made a stop for me at the candy shop across the station because candy is CRAZY CHEAP in Sweden. Ended up buying 2.3 kilograms (around 5 pounds) of candy, only to get home and the day after be told I’m not allowed to eat candy because my calcium levels are too low… FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

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