Grappler Baki Chapter 5

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Releasing the 5th chapter of Grappler Baki / Baki the Grappler entitled “Hit the Face!!“. Thanks to Magrana for supplying the raws.

Lulz, so much for biweekly, huh? XD I had originally planned on releasing the chapter a day or two after getting back from Serbia, but gosh darnit, it didn’t save to my USB, so I had to do eeeeeeverything over from scratch. It took a while because for one thing, these always take a while (a lot to be done), and for another thing, having already done everything once, I was a bit “screw this shit, I’ll work on the translations that actually give me money.”

I feel like such an anti-hero; comic book translator for a magazine by day, scanlator by night! Anywho, this chapter’s credit page was made by Horyuu ( from Malaysia.

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