Ehh… Oops?

I had a minor brain fart during an update of the server because none of the pages would show in the blog, and because we had a “ghost draft” which was fucking over part of the site, and it seems that in my attempt to fix it, I accidentally removed the much needed wp-config.php file XD Madhatter didn’t have a back-up, and I by God was unable to find mine, so we now count on Arvid to come to save the day in true Mighty Mouse fashion or something :P While Arvid did have a back-up, it wasn’t really the back-up, as you can see by the current lack of content (it reverted back to an earlier version of our site and our old posts a currently not salvageable, though we are working on it).

If worst comes to worst, we do have back-ups of some of the more recent posts we made. But for the next week or so, we will be working on fixing the problem I inadvertantly caused. Sorry peepz!

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