Lulz, update, wtf? >.<)b

YO!! What’s up y’all? 8D

So, my good buddy Aucry recently pointed out that I had not been giving M Dash any lubz, but that it was just manga release after manga release and no personal or ‘for teh lulz’ posts. And the dude is right! ME SO SOWWY!!! PLEASE FORGIBS ME!! OTL /sobs

So what have I been up to that keeps me too busy from posting, you might (so totally not) be asking. We’ll, first off, I was in Serbia for two weeks for physical therapy. It was hell, but not as much as it used to be. The Nazi Spartan trainers didn’t break me this time!! >:C

Anywho, while there, I spent most of my time exercising and translating comics. Unfortunately, chapter 5 of Grappler Baki didn’t save to my USB properly (I use a different laptop in Serbia) and I had to start completely over, which is FFFFFFF!! So sorry to those of you still waiting for that. Had my cleaned second version of chapters 1 and 2 not saved properly either, I would’ve been crazy pissed…

Besides that, I’ve been super busy with working for Alpha Entertainment. I just handed in what I thought was my last translation work for the first issue, when TEH BIG BAWS reminded me that I had another 26 pages to translate of a third comic I had completely forgotten about OTL And then I of course have to typeset all 160-ish pages… by October 15th… OTL OTL OTL

But while I whine about having that much work, the money comes at a good time, since I just got turned down for an additional part time job and I’m currently as broke as a prostitute in Vatican City totally broke. Just gotta step to it and get it done in time for the test print. Truth be told, I’m kinda excited too 8D Comic Party (the name of the magazine) debuts at J-Popcon in mid-November, so I hope it takes off well!! >.<)b
So ya, that’s what I’ve been up to? What about you guys? Anything fun happen in the last 2-3 weeks? :3

P.S. The picture is epic, ain’t it? Didn’t get the job, but saw that on the office wall, so now I at least have a new background image for my mobile phone, so all good~

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