C.M.B. Chapter 3

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Orionwave release of chapter 3 of C.M.B. by Katou Motohiro, entitled “Blue Building“.


I was finally back on a C.M.B. chapter, wuuuuw~! Unfortunately, since I had to go to Serbia, I could only do a brief QC, and then did some correspondence with Yashi who took over. So not cool, but physical therapy was a bit more important so… ;>.>

Anyway, I’m still in Serbia so I’m only guessing that this has been released by now. I’ll fix a download link as soon as I can ^^’ Fixed! The Spartan trainers are coming for me though, I must flee! D8


In Serbia, this was released in the meantime, did nothing. Gotta go! D8


I just came back from Serbia to find out we (Orionwave) are going on hiatus for the month of October, so now I feel totally useless… OTL

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