Q.E.D. Chapter 16

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Orionwave release of chapter 16 of Q.E.D. by Katou Motohiro. The chapter is entitled “School Festival Melody Mania“.


Finally back in the game, doing some QC. Anyway, this chapter was made into an episode of the Q.E.D. live action drama, but the manga characters are a lot more sympathetic, which also includes the douche bag lead singer. Here is some random info arg from the team wrote about mushrooms:

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi, producing spores for dispersal. In the soil, there is a dense network of filaments or threads collectively called the mycelium. A fungus eats by injecting enzymes into the soil, then absorbing the nutrients. Many fungi and plants have a symbiotic relationship, with the plant providing sugars to the fungi and the fungi aiding in the uptake of inorganic compounds like nitrogen (in NO3 form) and phosphorus (as PO4) as well as water.


I was ‘transferred’ out of part 2, since I’m currently QCing chapter 3 of C.M.B., so didn’t have that much to do with this other than a page here and there and then answering the occasional question. I however translated the first four pages of this part out of sheer boredom, but they were pretty simple anyway, so I hope BamBam didn’t mind ^^’

Anywho, I’m now leaving for Serbia for a few weeks for physical therapy, but I’ve made some posts in advance that will publish automatically at certain points. I’m handing in the first part of chapter 3 of C.M.B. in a few hours, so that should be out too soon. Toodles~


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