Hecko Talks Next-Gen Consoles

Almost a week ago, I was chosen and invited to a group discussion concerning Next-Gen consoles with nine other people (sadly all guys, as I would have loved to meet a female gamer). The discussion was conducted by Catinét, a Nordic analytical institute.

As group discussions go, it was somewhat uneventful. Of the nine people we were (on guy arrived half an hour late and thus couldn’t join), there were four people representing the PS3, two representing the Xbox 360 (including me), and three representing the Wii. Now, one might suspect that after an hour, the PS3 peepz and the Xbox 360 folks would be at each other’s throats, throwing their massive respective game selections at each other (and obviously, the 360 people would win, since the PS3 guys can only launch one game title per month) while the Wii guys would stand in a corner and frantically move their arms around while pointing a remote at us, hoping to make some hidden “summon Mario to save the day” motion that wasn’t in the game manual. But we were pretty calm about it.

Most of the time, we would just answer questions by the interviewer from Catinét, which would sometimes lead into a lengthy explanation, but people would generally agree, and when they didn’t it was usually just a quick remark and that was it. So we were a pretty mellow bunch, I suppose. Even when someone ‘insulted’ a rivalling console, the people representing that console would always have a counter-remark, and we’d just call it even. Though it would have been fun to see people go at it, if only for a few minutes XD

But we talked about how often people played, what each console’s respective market was, how well it was reaching it, pros and cons of each console, and what we would expect of them in the future. And in the end, we got a gift certificate for 450 DKK (about… $88 US ~ €60) for Magasin, a giant chain of stores owned by some Icelandic people. So all in all, we got payed for doing nothing but sit on our asses, form an opinion from some external input, make guesswork, and actually have people listen to what we say and take it seriously. I’d never felt more like a meteorologist in my life…

Seeing how boring this post actually is, since absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary happened, I’ve decided to end it with having Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation share his feelings on the matter of consoles, however, since I’d rather not get sued for showing it here, as his video rants are Escapist Magazine exclusive, you will have to go to here to watch it.

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