Grappler Baki Chapter 4

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Releasing the fourth chapter of Grappler Baki / Baki the Grappler entitled “Beyond Technical Fouls—!!“. Thanks to Magrana for supplying the raws.

The project had been on hiatus due to some licensing issues, but it seems to have been resolved now and the license had indeed been dropped in NA. With luck, the releases will now be biweekly, but I’d rather not promise anything.

This chapter’s credit page feature was made by argentscarf from Canada, a fellow scanlator with OrionWave. The inspiration for it came from a conversation we had during QC which ultimately ended with me saying that I used to use a pocket watch as opposed to wearing a wristwatch. He thought it was amusing and drew me in a Victorian Era outfit with the pocket watch. But thanks for the drawing, arg!

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