Genki 2010 Over

It’s now been a week and a half since Genki 2010 ended… Initially, I had hoped to write daily reports like I did last year, but I am unfortunately unable to do so because unlike last year, I did not have the spare time to actually make rounds at the convention; I was mostly doing check-in or reception duty when I wasn’t running back and forth solving problems suddenly occurring.

As such, I’m just gonna sum up the convention real quick-like. Major success with 65 different events, only very few delays, and a single cancellation since the dude who was supposed to hold a panel didn’t show up. A vast majority of people went home happy and some even said it was the best con they’ve been to in years. So that’s pretty cool ;P

At the same time, we also learned that we are still lacking in experience and the top 3 things to remember for next year is better communication, check-lists to make sure we don’t forget anything, and better communication!

But despite being busy, I had a nice time with everyone. It seems quite a few people were worried for my well-being though, since I’d be so busy I’d forget to eat and sleep ^^’ The 1UP shroom at the top right is actually a reference to that. The guy who made if for me gave it to me saying “here’s a 1UP mushroom so that you’ll have an extra life in case you die or something.” I thought that was fucking awesome XD But thanks everyone for caring and for the many huggles (I lubz huggles) and I hope to work with you all again next year ♥♥♥

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