Koka Noodles

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While cleaning up one night not long after Genki 2010, Kurikku and I stumbled upon a pot of gold! Well, for students anyway; it was a box of 30-some instant noodles from the brand, Koka.

Taking a quick look at the expiration dates, we noticed that most of them had only 3 weeks left, so we did the only thing responsible adults would do in a situation like this; we decided to eat all of them and made a run for it with the box!

We did it for people’s own good, we didn’t want them to find them and get food poisoning and stuff, so it was because we care! ;3;

Anywho, there were seven different flavours in the box, and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to taste one of each and then review them, so here we go~ 8D

Boiled: It was, for me at least, way too spicy, though the flavour itself was not too bad. I think I may be allergic to prawn though, and the itching and coughing while eating it didn’t help, so never got around to finishing it ;>.>
Fried: I tossed what I didn’t eat because I didn’t want to risk food allergies, so never got to try it fried.

Boiled: Almost the same as regular tasteless buckwheat noodles, but with a cardboard aftertaste.
Fried: Delicious!! I was delightfully surprised of how incredibly much better they tasted once fried. I assume it’s because the water absorbed by the noodles evaporate, making the taste come out a lot stronger. They were great straight out of the pan, but I fried them with just a bit of soy sauce to make them a bit saltier.

Tom Yam!
Boiled: Spicyyyyyyy D8 I was already freaked out when I saw there were two flavour packs and that one them was a dip-like substance, so I kinda knew it was coming… But just because you know it’s coming doesn’t mean that the napalm bombs of doom don’t hurt like fuck. The smell was nice though, kinda like a spicy meat skewer poured over with lemon juice.
Fried: Too spicy, didn’t dare TT^TT

Boiled: Pretty bland and tasteless, which is the problem of all wheat based noodles with chicken flavour; the lack of KAPOW!! It essentially tasted of what it was; wet flour in a string. The only good chicken noodle I’ve tried so far is from the brand, Xing Fu, which is just beyond om nom nom ♥
Fried: Still really bland :/

Boiled: Wasn’t too bad actually, but it was obvious that there was more than just tomato flavour in it. The tomato flavour was more of an aftertaste though, so pretty subtle.
Fried: Bad. The taste was completely gone, so it was even more bland than the chicken one.

Boiled: SO SPICY!! T^T I bit down and it was nuclear reactor of Inferno’s lowest realms in my mouth. It was way spicier than the Tom Yam one! Though, granted, I’m REALLY bad with spicy foods, so I could just be a total wuss, but thank God for that loaf of bread on the table. I think it’s a Serbian thing, we mostly eat salty food rather than spicy food, with the exception of those spicy paprika eating daredevils.
Fried: I couldn’t take the spice, so dumped it.

Boiled: Compared to other beef noodles I’ve had, it was actually pretty good. I was afraid it was gonna taste of molten shoe soles and black liquorice like the beef noodles by the brand, Xing Fu (luckily their chicken noodles are awesome). It had a spicy aftertaste I wasn’t too happy about though.
Fried: I like this slightly better than the boiled one, but only because of the added soy sauce which made it saltier. Apart from that, no big difference. The aftertaste became a bit more pronounced and quicker to set in though.

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