So, Today is Apparently My Birthday ^^’

As four people reminded me in asking if I had any plans for my big day, to which I graciously responded “… Wtf are you talking about?“, it is apparently my birthday today. This of course DOES explain the giant, floating “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” thing I have floating over my head, but I’m a little dense when it comes to these kinds of subtle hints.

Anywho, it’s my birthday; that magical day of the year where people give me free stuff and I get to be a douche and get away with it 8D I’m turning 23, I think, so I’m supposed to be all mature and stuff, yet all I’ve been able to think about for the last 10-12 minutes is how badly I want to get my hands on a tongue depressor, so that I can make a giant ice pop for myself ♥

Anywho, if I get any cool presents, I’ll post about it later 8D Later, as in, a few days, since I’m spending my birthday on meetings with the Japanese embassy and Genki, the latter of which lasts the entire weekend… OTL

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