Q.E.D. Chapter 14

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Orionwave release chapter 14 of Q.E.D. by Katou Motohiro. The chapter is entitled “A Melancholy Afternoon“.


Finally finished my last exam. I passed even if only barely; apparently the paper was super bad ;>.>

I proofread this part since I was in a super good mood from having passed Japanese that day (it was last week) and having been complimented on my fast improvement compared to the midterm re-exam two months prior, so sorry to whomever was actually supposed to do it ;>.>


I suddenly got moved to QCing this chapter because we all got pretty busy in OW and had no one else to fill in than me, but I got an eye infection in the meantime that made it hard for me to see anything, so the delay of this chapter was mostly my fault. Sorry ^^’

I’m doing better now though, even though my eyes still itch a lot, so the last part of the chapter + part 2 of C.M.B. chapter 1 will hopefully be out soon.


This chapter was Hell for me, let’s just keep it at that… I really need to get PhotoShop so I can work faster with the QCing. I had to do sooo much extra work because I don’t have it, which took so much time OTL

Anyway, enjoy the part! Oh, and Grappler Baki might be returning soon, stay tuned.

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