C.M.B. Chapter 1

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Orionwave release of chapter 1 of C.M.B. by Katou Motohiro, entitled “Mimicry“.


C.M.B. is a shounen mystery manga by Motohiro Katou, the same guy who released Q.E.D., the other manga being released by OrionWave. While Q.E.D. covers several fields of science mostly based on mathematics and physics, C.M.B. is mainly focused on history and natural science.

The characters of both manga are extremely similar though; both have strong female leads (Kana vs. Nanase) proficient in martial arts (kendo vs. aikido) who are accompanied with ditzy, yet brilliant young boys (Touma vs. Shinra).


Release of part 3 might not be out until the end of July since we haven’t really started on it and we’re about to go on holiday D8

I don’t really have anything else to say, but I hope you enjoy this part ^^


I did a loooot of crazy ass QCing during group QC on this one (and also wrote the note about mimesis) ;>.> I really wish we could have a second QCer with Jap experience soon since I feel like I’m being spread a little thin at the time when double-checking translations (which are from Indonesian to English) with the original Jap RAWs, and with Genki and stuff getting in the way, I’m starting to delay people, which is SO not cool! D8

But ya, the chapter was pretty crazy, and finding all the animal names in English, or even Latin, was such a pain. I only found the Latin name for the butterfly that is the focus point of the story because it was (THANKFULLY) mentioned on like page 7 of a Japanese online newsletter for butterfly enthusiasts OTL

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!! 8D

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