Buddies’ Day Out

So, a few days ago Thursday, three friends and I, who had all been in the same group for the Year 2 Project, went out to celebrate having passed all of our exams. We had long since decided that when we finally finished the year (or “cleaned the year“, as we say in Serbia if you pass all your exams), we’d go to dinner and bowling, so that’s exactly what we did! 8D

We started off going to a burger joint named after a city in Canada, Halifax. None of us had ever been there before, which made it kinda cool for all of us since we all got to test out something new. Considering that it was a burger joint, their selection was fairly limited (5 types of burgers), but you could ‘customise’ them by selecting what kind of meat you wanted in them (e.g. 175g beef, 275g beef, chicken, etc.), what kind of side order, and what type of dip you wanted.

The burgers were absolutely delicious, but the prices were pretty damn spicy. Even the cheapest burger + side order on the menu was 110 DKK and a small drink was like 25 DKK. There are really good places with all-you-can-eat buffets with free drinks and ice cream for 2 hours for almost the same price, so I was a bit D8 about it, but it was pretty good nonetheless, and the waitress was pretty patient with us ^^’

Afterwards, we went bowling. Since we had like an hour and a half until our reservation at the bowling alley, we decided to walk there and had some fun in the meantime. We made it with like 20 minutes to go, so I can imagine it was further away than we thought XD

Anywho, long story short, we could all use some more practice (I’ve added our games to the end of the post)… And I seriously need to get back in shape, I was pretty sore the next morning, lulz XD In any case, it was a super fun day out, so thanks you guys!!

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