Copyright Killing Creativity?

The recent crackdown on scanlations by major US and Japanese publishers reminded me of a “TED Talk” I once saw on TED about how strict laws are killing creativity because (in a nutshell) if you aren’t allowed to use materials freely, there’s no incentive to create. The talk used AMVs, among other things, as a great example of how user-generated content is ‘hindered’ by copyright laws.

Now I’ll be honest, I do see the point to having copyright laws and I do support it to some extent, cause hey, I’d be pretty annoyed too if someone could just swipe my design and earn money on it while I did all the work and get nothing.

On the other hand, I also think that the current rules are much too strict and fixated on saving the copyright holder from losing a buck instead of what it was supposed to be, as according to the US Constitution; something promoting “the Progress of Science and useful Arts“.

A great example of how strict and ‘redundant’ some of these laws are was given by Gever Tulley in another Talk I watched; he said that “you buy a song on iTunes, burn it to a CD, rip it to the same computer you used to buy the song, and you’ve just broken copyright law.” Crazy, eh? But enough of me ranting, please enjoy the video:

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