Genki @ Komiks

Okay, truth be told, this event is almost a month old which is why I’m a bit “hnnngh… ;>.>” about posting it, BUT HEY!! I haven’t really posted for ages because I’ve been busy with exams (which are now over), scanlations (which are partially on hold due to either vacation or licensing), and Genki work (which is now far more manageable), so I figured what the the hey~.

Anywho, Komiks is probably the largest comic book convention in Denmark. Compared to the comic conventions in the US or the manga conventions in Japan, it’s not; like comparing an ice cube to the iceberg that sank the Titanic, but here, it’s pretty effing big! Anywho, Genki were especially invited because the Komiks organisers had apparently heard about us (wuuuw) and wanted us to give their participants a taste of the East (mainly focusing on manga, but also other things).

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So we essentially had us a miniature Genki convention with a manga lounge, a game room (organised by one of our Swedish partners, Terebi Ge-mu), a chill-out café with drawing and Perle bead making, and even an anime showing. The only thing that sucked is that we had no flyers for Genki to hand out and our banner wasn’t up until Sunday, so PR-wise, we crashed and burned (people didn’t know who organised it XD). But people at least had fun at our little corner of Komiks, so it’s all good.

I myself had buck-loads of fun too; I got the kick-assatastic drawing of Young Flaming Ninja from Kaiki (seen on the left; she gave me the original sketch), met this chick that I’m currently ‘seeing’ (it’s a very casual relationship/arrangement, we’re not actually dating), and lost Kurikku to Samir from Sweden in a game of Super Street Fighter IV XD

Kurikku in turn, in a vain effort to win back his freedom, lost me, the chick I’m seeing, and aaaaaall of Genki to Samir, so now, we’re all Samir’s bitches until I get a chance to win everything back in a game of Tekken 6. And I’ll win his girlfriend and cat from him also, JUST BECAUSE!! JUST BECAUSE, SAMIR!!! >:3 /shakes fist at Samir

Oh, and one last funny story about the event: Terebi Ge-mu, the dudes from Sweden setting up our game room for Komiks, had prepared and safely locked away their consoles to get them to Komiks. They get to Komiks, and when they’re just about to unpack, they realise that they never got the keys from the guy who helped them pack their stuff. So now, we had like 8-10 consoles locked away in two red whatevers from IKEA and no key.

Kurikku suggest that they go to the IKEA 45 minutes into town, buy the same “metal cupboard storage”-thingy so they can get an identical key, and come back and unlock the ones they brought from Sweden with the consoles in them. I tell them no, since I can get them open without the key. Kurikku liked his idea better, so off to IKEA they went, and 30 minutes into their road trip, the van BREAKS DOWN in the middle of the highway, leaving them stranded for hours. And guess who had manage to pick open the locks with a hairpin and a screwdriver only a few minutes after they’d left XD

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