Real Life Update

Considering that this is a personal blog, it sure has been a while since anything about me has been written, huh? ;P My excuse is that I’ve been super busy with exams, Genki, and scanlating for OrionWave, so I just haven’t had much time for anything else. But anyway, to fill you guys in~

School has been going decently well; I’ve been passing my exams (so far), and while it hasn’t exactly been ‘with flying colours’, I’m satisfied with it. I still have one more exam to finish and then I’m done for the year. I’ve taken a leave of absence for the next two semesters since school has been frying my brain and drained me of motivation to study, so I’m gonna be working for a year and then do a bit of travelling, hopefully finally get to go to Japan and Australia! >:3

Genki has also been doing fairly well, but I seem to keep getting more work and responsibilities, so I’m probably gonna end up dead from overwork as soon as the con is over ;>.> I started out as just the information manager and webmaster + translator, kind of like last year, but ended up also becoming the cashier/accountant for the union behind Genki, the accountant for a one-man company, the make-shift event coordinator, and God knows what else (I can’t even remember) OTL

But for the time being, I’m trying to unwind a little. I’ve been way too stressed lately so haven’t been getting much sleep or even eaten, so I ended up losing like 5 kg in 1½ weeks ;>.> So now, I’m just chillaxing while studying for my last exam; Genki work is suspended for the time being (except for answering mails and managing the budget), OrionWave work is to an extent suspended (until I finish my exam), and I’m finally getting back to working on Grappler Baki. So all is good in the neighbourhood~!

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