Q.E.D. Chapter 13

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Orionwave release of chapter 13 of Q.E.D., entitled “Serial John Doe“.


It was a bit of a hectic chapter for various reasons, but it all turned out well in the end, so it’s all good.

The chapter contains several math references, and as such, we have 3 pages worth of notes courtesy of our resident math geek, yasiru, one of our translators, Saturn Beaver, and finally, yours truly~.


I have no further comments, because quite frankly, I’m in the last 12 hours of writing my year 2 assignment and I have nothing else on my mind. I’ve been forgetting to eat and can’t even work a toaster. Godday sir rabbit, have you come for tea?


Busy with exams still. This is quite possibly the last Q.E.D. release that I will have helped QC as we’ve now started releasing C.M.B. as well where I’m the main QCer. I had hoped to have chapter 4 of Grappler Baki out by today, but that seems somewhat unlikely right now OTL

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