Candy from Japan~

Yes, the candy from Japan has finally arrived~! 8D Here’s a pic of what I bought

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From the top left, I bought (company names in square brackets when applicable; click to instantly jump to section):

Cratz Crackers – Smokey Cheese and Almond flavor

Not at all what I had hoped for. First off, they aren’t even crackers with flavours, but actual almonds and dried (or deep-fried or something) cheese. The almonds are pretty bad; they’ve been roasted for far too long, so they have no real taste anymore. The cheese-things are unfortunately seasoned too much for me (I don’t like spicy stuff), but apart from that, they’re pretty good.

Baby Star Ramen – chicken flavour

They are actually pretty good, but they taste nothing like chicken though. Rather, they taste like slightly seasoned, thinly-sliced, deep-fried potato sticks. I used to eat that a LOT when I was a pre-teen and the aftertaste of the Baby Star Ramen is exactly the same. It’s not a snack I’d recommend for eating in public though, since they’re pretty small/thin and easily dropped, so you look… less than charming when putting them in your mouth trying to avoid dropping any. For home-eating, they are awesome though <33

Guimauve – strawberry flavour

Guimauve is, to the best of my knowledge, the French word for marshmallow, so that should ‘set the scene’ for it. Lovely taste of strawberry~! I didn’t like the consistency much though; the inside crumbled very oddly, considering how squishy the outside was. Why is a marshmallow even crumbly in the first place..?

Calorie Mate Apple Jelly Drink

I’ve been curious about these jelly drinks ever since I saw them in J-Drama and manga, so I’ve been want to try them for quite a while. Apparently, they are ‘replacement meals’, in the sense that in case you are too busy to make lunch for school, you can have one of these instead. Trying to live off them instead of having a balanced diet is probably a BAD idea though!

The taste itself is pretty good actually, kinda like freshly squeezed apple juice, and the aftertaste lingers for quite a while, which is yummy. The consistency, however, is absolutely disgusting! I’d imagine sucking the snot out of a sick person’s nose would have a very similar feel to it x_x

KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Balls (Rilakkuma)

They were actually really good; kinda like raisinettes, but bigger and strawberry flavoured. I liked them a lot, but because of the kiddy packaging, I might be too embarrassed to buy them in a store ;>.>

Umeboshi Hard Candies

SO GROSS!! D8 It seriously tasted like tuna or some other kind of metallic tasting fish OTL

Though, a cool detail was that all the hard candies were individually wrapped inside the bag, and each wrapper had a short poem on them. I thought that was pretty awesome; poetic candy.

Hi-Chew – Cola flavour

When they say hi-chew, they damn well MEAN it!! owo;; Super duper chewy, so much that I started thinking it was gum. It wasn’t bad though, just a bit odd. Great taste of cola. I’ve read people likening this to the American candy, Starburst, in terms of consistency and fruit flavours.

Ramune Candy – strawberry flavour

Waste of money. Doesn’t taste of strawberry Ramune, you can’t really suckle on them either, and it’s essentially just flavoured powder pressed into a shape; it almost immediately turns back into powder and then dissolves when you bite down on them. They might be good for keeping your blood sugar up during a four hour written exam, but as a regular candy treat, it sucks.

Karipori Candy Sticks – Cola and Soda flavour

Pretty good, but rather acidic, so probably really bad for your teeth D8 I like that with each packet, you get 6 cola flavour sticks, 6 soda flavour stick, and 2 mystery flavoured sticks~. In my case, the mystery sticks tasted kinda like Fanta (the original orange one).

Pretz – Roasted Corn flavour

SO DELICIOUS!!! The first one I had admittedly tasted a bit weird, kinda like a buttered bread roll dipped in sweet&sour sauce, but then the smoked corn aftertaste set in and I was hooked!! I’m so getting more of these and I can recommend them to everyone who loves corn on the cob, as the aftertaste really lingers!

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