Frontpage Change and Lack of Posts

SO!! Some of you are probably wondering why updates are so rare and why when I -do- finally update, it’s just a manga release. Truth be told, I’ve been super sick and I’ve also been having exams, so everything taken a second place to those things. And then come things I have deadlines to, like scanlating or Genki, and then managing M Dash just dropped way way down.

Anyway, posts will eventually be coming, I get a review from a buddy of mine I’ll put up soon, and I’ll try to schedule some video posts to be published automatically so this place doesn’t die out.

Anyway, notice the new frontpage? I removed the the feature slide show since it only show the six most recent posts (which you can also see by just scrolling down), so I substitued it with some awesome tabs!! With this, you can see the 6 most recent posts of each respective main category here on M Dash. Cool, huh? ……… ;>.>

Anyway, updates to come, wish me luck on my last few exams!!

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