Q.E.D. Chapter 12

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Orionwave release of chapter 12 of Q.E.D., entitled “Secret Blue Room“.


This chapter is what made up the first case in the live-action J-Drama based on the manga, i.e. chapter 12 of the manga = episode 1 of the drama series. Because the manga can exaggerate a few things here and there (and put Touma in a leg lock 8D), it was a lot more fun than the episode, in my opinion. Touma is way too serious in the drama, no fun at all! /pout >:3

Due to exams and the film festival, I actually didn’t work on this part of the chapter at all, not even the group QCing D8 /ashamed


I helped out a bit with the group QC, but that was more or less it. I think that has become my standard job until we start up C.M.B. by the same mangaka ^^’


I was actually supposed to QC this part of the chapter, but got switched to part 1 of chapter 13 since one of our typesetters suddenly went missing! O.o

So because of that, to save time since we were already a few days behind schedule for release, we had one guy (argentscarf) QC and typeset this part. I, yet again, only helped with group QCing :/ Oh, and the Mario joke on the credit page (I think argent came up with the He-Man reference).

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