Grappler Baki Chapter 3

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Releasing the third chapter of Grappler Baki / Baki the Grappler entitled “Suedou’s Degree of Danger“. Thanks to Magrana for supplying the raws.

It’s taken a while to get this out because of my ICO exam (I passed, thank you, thank you), going to KodachiCon, and simply practicing with Gimp so I could start cleaning the scans and put white borders behind fonts (I’m such a Gimp noob… And I’m bad with the programme too XD)

This chapter’s credit page feature was made by fallenangelsnevercry ( from the Netherlands. I’m not that much of a bishie (I’m not a bishie at all T^T ), but thank you sooooo much for thinking that I am <333 XD

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