Candy from Japan! 8D

Oh yeaaaah, haven’t done one of these since Yuanchosaan sent me Chinese candy! 8D Anyway, about a week ago, the Twins (the ones I had the ice cream adventure with) returned from Japan and brough me back some candiez~!

The first ones I tried were the Mini-Rumando (ミニルマンド; left one on the pic). They reminded me a bit of the peanut waffer snacks Yuanchosaan bought me, but instead of a peanut waffer with dried filling, it was a regular waffer with a soft toffee filling. It was a bit weird at first since I don’t usually like waffer snacks, but the soft toffee really hit home with me so I thought this one was super awesome!!

Next, I tried the Sayaendou (さやえんどう; middle one) which means “peas”. It’s a healthy-ish snack by Calbee in a line of snacks called “Yasai snacks” (vegetable snacks), which are dried or baked (or whatever owo;; ) snacks made from veggies. This one was obviously made from peas, but they also have snacks made from maize, bell pepper, carrot, etc. The consistency is kinda ‘fluffy’, but crunchy, if that makes at all. The first few you try are gonna taste a bit odd, but as you get used to it, it’s actually quite good! I really wanna try the maize one now <33
The last one I tried was Nerunerunerune (ねるねるねるね) which I think is meant to be a pun. “Neruneru” (ねるねる) is the sound in Japan for stuff that is slimy (which it looks like), while “neru” (練る) means “to knead” which is essentially what you do to make the candy. Yes, I said “make the candy”, since it’s from a brand of a “do-it-yourself” candy. I’ve added a video to the left of a girl making it, since that’s easier than explaining it. But anyway, the one I got was with a taste of grape, but it was soooo friggin’ sour! I usually like sour candies, but in moderation, and this one was so sour that it was hurting my stomach for like two hours. And the consistency was bad too D8

Anyway, I plan on purchasing more Japanese candies and snacks soon! PREPARE FOR MORE CANDYLICIOUS REVIEWS!! >:3

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