Damn You, Vulcanic Ash Cloud!

If you follow the news, you’ve undoubtably heard of the giant cloud of vulcanic ash from Iceland which is covering most of Europe and screwing over air traffic. Now, like most people, I could see how this could be annoying, but I didn’t really start caring until it started fucking with me personally! >:3

Because of the cloud, a special one-time feature of the film festival could not be flown in, which has me kind of raging since I actually had pretty good tickets to it. Instead, I get called up by the cinema during class to be informed that the event has been cancelled! /rages

Not only this, I applied for a job at the airport since I need to start saving up money to go traveling next year, but because of the vulcanic ash situation, the job drafting has been postponed indefinitely and the job offer might be taken down entirely if the situation doesn’t change.


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