Q.E.D. Chapter 11

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Release of chapter 11 of Q.E.D. (all Q.E.D. chapters are split into 3 ‘mini-chapters’) entitled “Uncertain Memories“. This is my first release with the scanlation group, OrionWave, which I joined some time ago. So far, I really like the dynamics of the group since it’s very different from what I’ve experienced with other groups I’ve applied to in the past.

Often, within groups, a manga would be translated, proofread, typeset, QCed (QC = Quality Check) and then things would be sent back and forth for a while between QCs, typesetters, and the translator (if there’s a disagreement about something).

With OrionWave, it gets translated and then 2-5 people all help proofread and QC before it is typeset so everything gets ironed out translation, grammar, and spelling wise. Afterwards it gets typeset and then sent to the final QCer to check for missed typos and bleeds and such. So I like their way of doing things and I’m really happy I joined their group.

On a sidenote, I was actually the final QCer for part 3, since the regular guy went MIA (I’m usually not on the Q.E.D. project, though I help out with the “group QC” every now and again). Anyway, enjoy! 8D

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