Hecko Plays in Mock Tennis Tourney

Earlier this week, I signed up for a mock tennis tourney (duh, title) thinking it could be a potential fun experience. For a mere 70 DKK, one could get breakfast, soda, BBQ, more soda (soda was in great supply and friggin’ free from 09.30 to 16.00), and the chance to have a good time playing tennis against a bunch of people.

I showed up pretty early, despite not really being a morning person. The tourney was set to start at 09.30, but I was there at 09.00 already. On my way out the door, I was reminded of why I never trust meteorologists; I visited DMI’s website (Denmark’s Meteorological Institute), immediately before I headed out, and they promised a sunny day, all day, albeit slightly clouded.

When I stepped out my front door, not even two minutes later, it was raining. You could see on the ground it had been raining for a while. In fact, it didn’t stop until about two hours later… Friggin’ metorologists… They get paid to make qualified guesses which are wrong 40% of the time…

Anywho, I got sidetracked there… *ahem* The rules of the tourney were pretty simple:
•Each game is timed and lasts 30 minutes.
•Everyone gets divided into one of three teams.
•Everyone plays double (team captain decides who plays together).
•Try to have fun ^_^

Rules 2 and 3 were changed after an hour, though XD Having the TC decide who should play took too long after the first two games, so it was just decided among team members, and because members of team three left as time passed by, the team members of the team not playing (only two teams at a time played, due to only having three playable courts) would act as substitute players.

About, oh… 15-16 people showed up, and pretty much everyone had some sort of handicap, myself included (shoulder and all that) XD Oh, and the club’s current senior (i.e. older than 18 years old) champion was there also. Nice guy, accidentally shot him down on a service return (BOOM, Headshot! XD), but nice guy…

That’s what you get for playing at the net against me XD That would make him the second person to get shot down because of me today, though I don’t take responsibility for the first one!! o.O However, everyone seemed very nice, and I do declare they were a friendly bunch of peoplez with an awesome sense of humour XD

Unfortunately, I had to stop after having played three hours straight because my body simply couldn’t handle it. I seem to have made quite an impression, since everyone were like “NO WAI YOU’VE ONLY PLAYED 2 WEEKS!!! O_O”

When I finally left, I couldn’t lift my left arm beyond shoulder level, my right elbow was hurting like hell from some really bad serves I made where I accidentally whipped the arm instead having a smooth follow-through, my right little and ring finger, wrist, and lower arm where shot to hell from all the kinetic energy that were transferred to them (they joints at the knuckles hurt the most, so I’m actually typing this without used those fingers XD), and I was having chest pains so bad I could barely breathe.

In spite of all this, playing in the mock tourney was probably the most fun experience I’ve had in months!! XD So yeah, I’m still psyched about playing and getting back in shape, though I must admit, I dread the muscle soreness I’m sure to have tomorrow o.O

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