Free Ice Cream!!

Today, Frisko had an event where they handed out free ice cream in order to kick off the coming of spring (or something like that). Anywho, since distribution didn’t start until 13:00, which is when I had class, but ended as soon as supply led up, me and two of my friends decided to sneak out of class. And by sneak, I mean make a large commotion to stun everyone, slam open the door, and run out before the teacher could ask what it was all about.

We sprinted to the nearest 7-Eleven (since distribution was from 7-Elevens across Denmark) in order to a) beat the crowd; and b) try to make it back before the company presentation we were having 10 minutes later. By the time we got the however, the crowd was huge, and we ended up spending 15 minutes in line, BUT WE GOT OUR ICE CREAMS IN THE END AND WE REGRET NOTHING!! >:3

We were totally late for the presentation however, so walking back into the class was a bit awkward… ;>.> BUT DUDE, FREE ICE CREAM!!

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